Technical Support // 01


We offer technical support for the organization employees by phone, email and most of the IM services. We will attempt to resolve the issue by the means we were contacted on or by a secure remote session to the customer equipment, and when required, an IT professional will arrive at the customer site for personal support, training, hardware and software maintenance,problem solving, and consultation. Every call is handled by a Level 3 professional. When required, we will also handle Level 4
support, such as contacting and coordinate with vendors, service providers, or a higher support level in your own organization.

Computer Programming
Security // 03


Servers hardening for higher security or PCI DSS compliance, software updates, backup, antivirus and systems monitoring. Central management of users and devices, secured remote access, secured wireless networks and branches interconnection are some of the features we  can implement.
We will comply with your company security policy or if there isn't one, we will implement our own based on your business needs.

IT Management // 02


A stable infrastructure needs good maintenance, but it doesn’t have to come with a high price tag. We will handle the complete maintenance of the organization servers, network devices, and personal computers. We support Windows and Linux systems, routers/utm’s, smart switches, printers and more. We offer free monitoring services to every customer with the ability to receive online alerts. Maintenance is done using secure remote sessions in consideration with your organization policy, or onsite by an IT professional. If required, we will take responsibility for communications and coordination with the customer various service providers, vendors, or a higher support level in your own organization (such as a central IT).

Data Cloud
Cloud Computing // 04


We support on premise systems, cloud or both (hybrid).
by correctly planning your network infrastructure and services we can recommend on the best platform or platform combination for your needs, while maximizing efficiency and reducing costs.

We can also redesign existing network and services to get the best value and performance.